Why redesign and refresh your website?

Does redesigning your website actually drive more business? Is it worth the effort and cost?

3 Reasons For A Website Redesign

  1. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION: The number of customers attracted to businesses by search engines is growing exponentially. Forget the Yellow Pages, they are little more that a huge waste of paper and ink nowadays. Potential customers are first turning to search engines like Google, YAHOO! and Bing for solutions to there personal and business needs. The search-bots gather all the necessary information that potential customers want and then spit it onto SERPs (search engine results pages) for customers to consume.

    Agency UPLONE takes Search Engine Optimization very serious, in fact, our very own successful SEO may have brought you to this site today.

    Since search engines constantly change their algorithms and recipes to get proper, correct results, your business website needs occasional attention and updates. You business site may a have been optimized during its last web design a few years ago but may be totally out of date to the engines’ new mix of ingredients and factors.

  2. BROWSER COMPLIANCE: Very much like SEO, browser technology is vital to your site’s success. Browsers like Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Apple’s Safari and Mozilla Firefox are the top performers that take the HTML code underlining your site and make it all work and look the way it is suppose to. These browsers don’t always play nice though — after all, they are competitors. I admit, browsers are starting to comply with standards more favorably than they did 10 years ago, and these standards are constantly evolving at that. This evolution means that your site’s structure also needs to evolve…OR it just won’t jive.Let me ask you a few questions:

    • Have you ever gone to a site and it was broken?
    • How was that experience?
    • Did you then become a customer of that business? Probably not.

    The W3 is constantly in the process of creating browser standards for compliance. This also means that some of the old standards for HTML have gone by the wayside and are being deprecated. In short, redesign considerations aren’t always on the surface. In fact, the HyperText Markup Language (HTML) foundation of your website is actually more important than the look. The HTML is the foundation that the design is built on. If it is broken, then your website won’t function the way it was designed to. UPLONE understands the web’s newest and strictest standards. And we can help you implement them into your business’ website.

  3. DESIGN: Evidently design is important… statistics show that a web design’s appeal, appearance and functionality all affect its business, its purpose, in today’s web-rich economy. Did you know that a poorly designed or out-dated look can actually cost you money? It can get expensive too. That’s right, it makes it all that much easier for your competition to get a leg up on you if you let your (in-style at one time) design go down hill.

    Here’s an analogy for you – a beautiful white house with bright red shutters on its windows. Over time, as the years pass, the red shutters fade and although they are relatively small, consequently they bring down the appearance of the entire house.

    Appearance counts and perception is key, even on the web. Repaint your shutters today. Contact UPLONE and we’ll take care of it all.

Are you happy with your business website’s design?

Good Design is defined over time. As years roll quickly by, your designs will fade and look stale, consequently then, so will what these designs represent—YOUR BUSINESS!

Simple redesign solutions can be effective & efficient… let’s get started TODAY!

UPLONE can also redevelop your website into a content management system, so that you and your team can take control and make website updates easily and frequently without having to contact your web designer 😉

Whether it is an initial web design or a site redesign, there is no better marketing value for your business than the 24/7, always open, website opportunities found by the search engines, on the Internet.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should refresh and re-energize your website.

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