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Does a website redesign bring more traffic (i.e. business)?

Feb 7, 2013   //   by   //   Thoughts  //  No Comments

The short answer to: does redesigning your website help business is – YES!

And we can prove it: look at the Analytics chart below. This is just one recent example. We have many more.

website redesign converts more visitors

Analytics chart showing a tremendous increase in traffic and conversions due to a website redesign.

UPLONE recently redesigned this client website and the returns on investment were immediately very positive! New traffic to the website was up over 300%, less than 30 days after the re-launch (month over month). More importantly, the B2B website’s Bounce Rate was down by 57% and Time on Site was up by another 41% – again, in only 30 days… which means that not only are more folks coming to and visiting the business’ new website design, but it also means that they are staying longer (evidently liking what they see) while looking at more pages – NET-NET converting to more business.

I could go on and on listing the benefits to the investment in a website redesign but instead I’ll leave you with just 3 reasons:

  1. Design – If your site is over two-three years old it is probably looking pretty stale, and so it reflects on you business.
  2. Technology – If your site is over two-three years old it probably has older technology that newer browsers OR MOBILE DEVICES don’t support, like Flash or outdated HTML that can be a security risk.
  3. Search Engine Optimization – If your site is over two-three years old it probably has old optimization techniques that Google and other smart engines are now penalizing in their new algorithms like Panda and Penguin. Your search engine rankings may be dropping as I write, just because of its old, deprecated website content.

10 reasons why your sales team needs marketing automation

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identify sales prospects

Marketing automation for the sales and marketing:

  1. Identify the companies that are visiting your business’ website
  2. Make more informed sales calls to prospects based on pages the prospect has visited, files downloaded, email correspondence, and inputs into your search box
  3. Automated lead nurturing – set it and forget it until your lead contacts your sales person for more information
  4. Enable lead generation campaigns easily
  5. Sophisticated drip email marketing with automated logic
  6. ROI reporting to determine which resources are spent well
  7. Identify which prospects are flashing buy signals
  8. Identify which prospects are most likely to pull out the wallet and spend based on personalized lead scoring criteria
  9. Provide qualified leads from your website
  10. Maximize marketing efforts and budget spend for sales

How can UPLONE Interactive help automate YOUR marketing campaigns for Sales?

We can help you integrate powerful software into your business marketing, including the website (with site search tracking), your CRM (Netsuite, SaleForce, etc.), blog, email marketing and landing pages. This software will identify – down to a granular level – your website traffic and list the actual companies that are visiting your website. It can even automate your email marketing, and that will likely save enough time by itself to return full investment! Drag-and-drop functionality will enable anyone to build professional looking landing pages.

Follow this link if you’re interested in learning more about how UPLONE can help your business sell more with marketing automation and lead gen nurturing

Plone CMS web design for global software company

Nov 27, 2012   //   by   //   Portfolio, Thoughts  //  5 Comments

Website redesign, content management system, lead generation for client

CMS website design

Global CMS website design for software client

  • Project: Client asked UPLONE to re develop their website into the award winning Plone CMS architecture and out of an internally grown content management system.
  • Description: “RES Software is the proven leader in dynamic desktop solutions, is helping IT organizations manage increasingly complex and hybridized technology environments with software that makes IT easier and less costly to manage. With technologies that automate, manage and secure corporate IT, RES Software helps IT professionals master the impacts of IT consumerization, changing employee work styles, bring-your-own-device initiatives and cloud technologies. RES Software patented technologies are used by a global customer base, and include superior customer support.” For more information visit
  • Client: RES Software
  • Uses: Website, CMS, lead generation, lead nurturing, marketing automation, blog posts, etc.
  • Specifics:
    • Designed in the Plone content management system, so the client’s global marketing department can take control of updating website content, press releases, case studies, and adding images
    • Multilingual website for an international audience with offices in the Americas, Netherlands, UK, France, Germany, Norway
    • Set up sophisticated workflows and permission based localization
    • Regional sub-sites for German, United Kingdom and French speaking regions
    • Plone website security is second to none! Updates are only occasional, as opposed to other CMS’s that are weekly
    • Extensive site-search feature with advanced and topic drill-down options
    • Searchable partner market place with filters
    • Vertical business solutions gallery with case study examples
    • Integration with CRM, website lead nurture and tracking software and outbound marketing automation

EWP Home Improvement website redesign & CMS development

Nov 7, 2012   //   by   //   Portfolio, Thoughts  //  6 Comments

Website redesign and Content Management System development for client

Web design and development

Web redesign and CMS development

  • Project: Client asked UPLONE to redesign their website to promote vertical services, show off a gallery of previous installations and integrate and promote the business’ Facebook page.
  • Description: EWP Home Improvement is a local small business that’s proud of the fact that they’ve been in the business of satisfying the home improvement needs of customers for over 18 years. Its business has progressed and evolved throughout the years meeting the diverse needs of today’s homeowners. Visit website:
  • Client: EWP Home Improvements
  • Uses: Website, CMS, installation promotion, blog posts, etc.
  • Specifics:
    • Designed totally in a content management system, so client can take control of updating website content, posting blogs and adding images
    • Gallery for photos of customer home improvement installations
    • Google Maps integration and embed
    • Facebook business page ‘Likes’ that shows friends in network that already like the page
    • Site search feature
    • Featured blog posts with vertical bathroom category focus

Search, Design, Social Media, and your business’ website

Apr 6, 2012   //   by   //   Thoughts  //  3 Comments

We offer these services not just because we can, but because experience has shown us they can be vital to doing business today:

  • Search: Did you know that a great SEO plan could help put your brand at the top above most traditional marketing methods? UPLONE consultants have proven success via continuous organic Google 1st page rankings for clients’ targeted keywords and phrases. We handle search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), organic, and pay per click (PPC) campaigns for our clients. Search standards and algorithms change all the time, but there’s no need to worry or waste your time trying to keep up, because we are always in the search loop. We follow the proper SEO guidelines and rules, so you don’t get penalized. It’s what we do every day.
  • Design: Strategic design strengthens your brand and ultimately brings you more business and a larger return on your investments. Every few years your website, your brand, and identity may need to be redesigned or your business could be represented as outdated and unprofessional. Remember, creative up-keep is necessary to a thriving business! Design trends fade and the Internet is no exception. Is your web site’s design costing you business by having an antiquated look? If your online marketing solution is more than 3 years old, or it’s not doing your business the proper justice then it’s time to redesign. We can even get your team in control of your website with a content management system.
  • Social Media and Networking: Professional social media and networking (i.e. YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook) are essential to control and enhance the public face of your business. We at UPLONE consider ourselves social media and networking ninjas, specializing in Google’s Blogger and YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. It is important to have business level vision of how social media and networking can work while understanding how to optimize account settings and navigate relevant privacy concerns in the business world as opposed to personal accounts. It is different. We can help your business safely become popular and viral through social media and networking techniques, which can be very effective keys to opening new business opportunities.
  • Does your business need a CMS? A well designed and developed business website is paramount to your business’ success. We build content management system (CMS) websites for any size business nimble or robust because, we believe a way to empower a business and its employees is for UPLONE to initially build and develop the website and then give the business owners and team the keys to drive it. We are then always available to offer further instruction, video tutorials or the occasional tune-up. What is a CMS?

Can your website design cost you business?

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I can’t emphasize enough that the way your website represents your business on the Internet can make or break your business. When a potential customer comes to your website, whether from search engines, whether from an advertisement, or just from stumbling upon your website from another way, it is at times the first impression a customer will get of your business. We all know the saying that you never get a second chance to make a first impression, right? That is more true than ever for a business’ website.

Here’s an example – I recently was looking for a place to stay in an unfamiliar city in Maryland. The hotel search was for an upcoming trip for a kids travel fast pitch softball tournament. The stay was over a three day weekend and lodging for this tournament was in high demand, so we had to book early if we wanted to stay in close vicinity of the games. So I did a Google search and looked at a few websites online to see what was available, again I have no familiarity with this area, so these websites were going to be EVERY part of our decision and that decision came down to how professional the website looked, the user experience it gave us and any reviews I could find, like via a Google Places business page.

So we did what users typically do, we did the Google search and we looked at the search engine results that came up on the first page and at times the second page, depending on what was on the first. Yes, SEO IS important also! In the end, we looked at about five different sites. One website stood out above the rest. It was a site that looked professional, had a great user experience, and had all the information we needed readily available to make our decision. It was that simple, and this is the hotel we chose. The funny thing is that the traits that I was looking for in the user experience of the business’ website where the same traits I was actually looking for in the room that me and my family were going to be living in for the weekend. Imagine that.

The bottom line is: any business website that looks clean, polished, up to date, professional, well thought out, etc. will not only translate into business, it will likely also take business from its competition. Reaching the goal of more business for your business can be as simple as the right website design.

Vanity metrics… who cares about the numbers? SEO and SEM businesses do.

Mar 13, 2012   //   by   //   Thoughts  //  29 Comments

Whether it’s the number of monthly visits to your website in Google Analytics, the number of Likes on your Facebook business page, or the number of people in your LinkedIn professional network… numbers can be fun and exciting to watch when they are climbing. But who cares? Let’s not be vain.

Besides making you feel good because something you are doing is working, what do these numbers, visitors, fans, friends, etc. really mean to the bottom line? I say it means very little if there is no ROI tied to the metrics?

Here’s an anecdote to help me illustrate: we have a client that has over 2,000 visits to their B2B website on a daily basis. They are a global company. We are a huge part of the reason they have so many visitors… after all, we did their organic SEO audit and implementation. The problem is however, as fun as it is to watch the SEO working and driving traffic to the site, it’s frustrating for us to watch as it doesn’t translate to the bottom line. When the users get to the site they get lost because there is NO defined asset (easily findable) there to reward them. In fact, the website is currently filled with technical jargon that has no value to the majority of readers.

To keep a long story short, if your going to dangle the proverbial carrot in front of the mule then make sure that the carrot is real so when the mule comes, it’ll be a fair reward, or it’s a waste of energy and time for the poor mule–and they won’t likely come back for more. Make the journey useful to the visitor… the customer.

Don’t worry, our client is building assets as I write, since we kindly pointed out that the content had no sell of a solution to a customer problem. No customer solution solving their problem = a hard value proposition pitch 😉

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