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LinkedIn, quickly becoming SPAM City. How to unconnect.

Mar 12, 2013   //   by   //   Thoughts  //  1 Comment

LinkedIn is quickly building a city of spam. If it doesn’t correct this problem, then LinkedIn could go the way of MySpace.

500-connections on LinkedInIf you have 500+ connections on LinkedIn chances are you’re also getting 500+ bunches of email spam. Chances also are that those who have 500+ connections actually don’t know every one of those connections, so maybe this number is a slight embellishment?

Attending SMX West in 2011 and sitting next to and talking with one of the co-founders of LinkedIn, Konstantin Guericke, I get the feeling this is not the way LinkedIn was designed to work.

The vanity factor.

The problem with LinkedIn, like many social outlets, is that the vanity factor comes into play and distorts reality. What I mean by the vanity factor is everyone wants to see their number of connections be impressive and high. It just feels good. Everyone wants to be ‘Liked’, but before they know it they have followers that they don’t know from halfway across the globe constantly trying to contact and sell them something they don’t really need.

Unfortunately, the urge to be connected and popular may be a bigger problem than LinkedIn can control, but with the 800 pound gorilla (Facebook) and its 1 BILLION users nipping at LNKD’s heels it might want to try and pay attention to this problem, at least a little, because at any given point FB could jump into the professional networking game–in a big way.

Keep in mind, as you add your (greater than) 500 connections – or better yet become a LION and accept thousands of connections – that your connections can download your personal contact information once you’re connected, build their external databases and then spam you outside of LinkedIn for all of eternity!

It’s time to clean up my neighborhood.

Admittedly, I originally played the social vanity game on LinkedIn. I was the nice guy accepting invitations from people who had similar interests or groups. I had over 700 connections. That’s when I grew tired of getting spam emails in my LinkedIn inbox, which is connected to my business email inbox! I grew tired of not being able to read my feed because 1 or 2 specific connections was consuming pages of it with updates. Most recently, I grew tired of getting e-cards (usually virus fetching links) in my inbox from connections, also with 500+ connections. So I went ahead and did something about it. With no regard to potential social bad Karma or even worse, not showing highly in social organic results “16 times in the past 3 days” I went ahead and unconnected from everyone I actually did not know. It took a good bit of time, but was relatively painless. I’ll show you how below.

Having high levels of social media and SEO experience [and knowledge] I realize that the number of connects can influence ranking order of search results, both in the LinkedIn engine/results and especially in Google’s organic SERPs.

In the end, you can keep the 500+ connection monicker and that great vanity feeling that comes with it. I’ll keep my inbox slim, void from LinkedIn spam from now on.

How to disconnect on LinkedIn.

Disconnect, unconnect, unlink from connections on LinkedIn in 3 easy steps:



  • STEP 2 – CLICK ON REMOVE CONTACTS (in upper-right corner of page):

remove contacts


remove connection


removing linkedin contacts


Enjoy your social professional network–as you can now more easily read your network’s updates and see what the people that are really in your reach are up to.

Less is more, especially when less is real.

EWP Home Improvement website redesign & CMS development

Nov 7, 2012   //   by   //   Portfolio, Thoughts  //  6 Comments

Website redesign and Content Management System development for client

Web design and development

Web redesign and CMS development

  • Project: Client asked UPLONE to redesign their website to promote vertical services, show off a gallery of previous installations and integrate and promote the business’ Facebook page.
  • Description: EWP Home Improvement is a local small business that’s proud of the fact that they’ve been in the business of satisfying the home improvement needs of customers for over 18 years. Its business has progressed and evolved throughout the years meeting the diverse needs of today’s homeowners. Visit website:
  • Client: EWP Home Improvements
  • Uses: Website, CMS, installation promotion, blog posts, etc.
  • Specifics:
    • Designed totally in a content management system, so client can take control of updating website content, posting blogs and adding images
    • Gallery for photos of customer home improvement installations
    • Google Maps integration and embed
    • Facebook business page ‘Likes’ that shows friends in network that already like the page
    • Site search feature
    • Featured blog posts with vertical bathroom category focus

Search, Design, Social Media, and your business’ website

Apr 6, 2012   //   by   //   Thoughts  //  3 Comments

We offer these services not just because we can, but because experience has shown us they can be vital to doing business today:

  • Search: Did you know that a great SEO plan could help put your brand at the top above most traditional marketing methods? UPLONE consultants have proven success via continuous organic Google 1st page rankings for clients’ targeted keywords and phrases. We handle search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), organic, and pay per click (PPC) campaigns for our clients. Search standards and algorithms change all the time, but there’s no need to worry or waste your time trying to keep up, because we are always in the search loop. We follow the proper SEO guidelines and rules, so you don’t get penalized. It’s what we do every day.
  • Design: Strategic design strengthens your brand and ultimately brings you more business and a larger return on your investments. Every few years your website, your brand, and identity may need to be redesigned or your business could be represented as outdated and unprofessional. Remember, creative up-keep is necessary to a thriving business! Design trends fade and the Internet is no exception. Is your web site’s design costing you business by having an antiquated look? If your online marketing solution is more than 3 years old, or it’s not doing your business the proper justice then it’s time to redesign. We can even get your team in control of your website with a content management system.
  • Social Media and Networking: Professional social media and networking (i.e. YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook) are essential to control and enhance the public face of your business. We at UPLONE consider ourselves social media and networking ninjas, specializing in Google’s Blogger and YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. It is important to have business level vision of how social media and networking can work while understanding how to optimize account settings and navigate relevant privacy concerns in the business world as opposed to personal accounts. It is different. We can help your business safely become popular and viral through social media and networking techniques, which can be very effective keys to opening new business opportunities.
  • Does your business need a CMS? A well designed and developed business website is paramount to your business’ success. We build content management system (CMS) websites for any size business nimble or robust because, we believe a way to empower a business and its employees is for UPLONE to initially build and develop the website and then give the business owners and team the keys to drive it. We are then always available to offer further instruction, video tutorials or the occasional tune-up. What is a CMS?

Interactive Marketing:


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