The importance of organic search optimization

Optimize for search!

Today your customers are searching for solutions to their needs through major search engines like Bing, Yahoo! and Google. This means that more and more ad dollars and customer eyeballs are moving online and away from The Yellow Pages and other traditional advertising print mediums. UPLONE focuses on organic search optimization for our clients and their websites. We focus on Google’s search engine optimization (SEO) because it handles the majority of global search queries. Isn’t it about time your website captured more of this customer shift by becoming one of those ’10 blue links’ on Google’s page 1 of organic search results?

Important points:

  • SEARCH RESULTS are vital to the growth of your business in today’s web rich, eCommerce world.
  • Every day, millions of advertising dollars shift from traditional advertising media to the Internet. And these dollars will never move back!

We focus on making our client web sites search engine friendly, so that the engine’s search-bots can scan their sites with ease and rank their websites with top results. In fact, search engine optimization is a recommended web design goal for all clients.

Again, the percent of business attracted by search engines is growing exponentially. Your business needs to show up high in the search engine result pages (SERPs). Consumers are first turning to search engines like Google to find a business that caters to their needs.

Is your website invisible to the search engines?

Google is constantly changing their search algorithms and formulas to help their search-bots index web sites effectively. Google alters these formulas to stay current with the Internet and control search spammers and cheaters. What does all this mean to your business website? This means that your site may not be as visible to the search-bots therefore, not bringing the highest amount of traffic to your site.

UPLONE realizes the importance of optimizing websites for search engines, in fact, our own SEO may have brought you here today.

What is YOUR Google Page Rank???

Page Rank is a variable that Google uses in its billion-dollar search results formula. Page Rank is built on a proprietary algorithm that formulates how popular your web page really is on the Internet.

Talk with UPLONE today and we’ll tell you your website’s Page Rank for free! It’s simple, you call us with your domain name and we’ll tell you what your current page rank is and what it can mean to your bottom line.

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